Monday, September 19, 2022

Louisiana Water Thrush singing for me :)

Hello!!!this morning I was inside our house, heard a new song for me. I did hear a buff-rumped Warbler singing, of course I know this song...but he was mixed by a song what sounded as a Waterthrush... finally my wish came through..I was always hoping in all 24 years that we live here that one day I will hear that song live in front of me.... not on a video from a bird lover in the States or Canada. It happend this morning... a singing Louisiana Waterthrush live in front of me! He had a territorial issue with the buff-rumped Warbler and he was showing off :) Such a great time now, all those migrant birds visiting our farm in Boquete (Panama)
Greetings Terry van Niekerk

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

ornate Hawk Eagle in cloud forest Boquete(Panama) #shorts

Hello readers,
here a nice video from a ornate Hawk Eagle...some are saying it is an immature, some it's a juvenile. I stick with the bird book..birds of Panama and Merlin .... Juvenile. 
Greetings from Terry

Saturday, July 9, 2022

a night walk #shorts

Hello everyone,  last week I was with Matt, another birdwatcher/nature lover. We were checking out the white tailed Nightjar, nearby our farm.
We did find even two... a lifer (new bird).Also we did see nice other animals and insects. Big toads, the Nightjars, a horse, a cow, an Opossum(Zorra) ,southern Lapwings... was fun!

olivaceous Woodcreeper feeding their chicks

Hello readers....sooooo much trees around them , but this olivaceous Woodcreeper did make a choice for this concrete pole to have their nest. Male and female are doing the job together. And they have a leaf outside the nest, as a napkin clean their bills...they did that both every time they came out the nest after feeding
Greetings Terry

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

pair of collared Trogons in Boquete Panama

emerald Toucanet (blue throated) + song slaty backed nightingale Thrush ...

Hello all, when I watch this video of the emerald Toucanet and hear the water and beautiful song of the slaty backed Nightingale Thrush ... I am right away with my mind in the cloud forest
Greetings Terry

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Paraiso in Chiriqui, Panama

Today I did see a new bird for me...cinnamon-bellied Saltator
in the village Paraiso (province Chiriqui in Panama)
Greetings Terry :)