Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In between 11 th of March and now 31th of March

And suddenly it is almost 1th of April.
From my last post on 11th of March untill today , I did go out with a lot of great bird watchers. Very enjoyable.
Did some birding on our farm of course.
Love this time with all the migration birds and of course nice Hawk migration still going on.
red tailed Hawk:
What is very interesting is that I never did see so much magenta throated Woodstars in a lot of different places in the 18 years that we live here.
It is going very well with them.
This male was on 1750 m cloud forest:
This male on our farm:
and these two the right a male feeding  an immature on a level of 1350 m:(new spot)
I do have a nice new spot in a total different area, I love it.
Like all over in the cloud forest there are the nice great fruit trees and of course also there you will see the blue throated Toucanet...

Well "our" birds are in full swing now, so the Trushes are singing and birds are making nest and this immature brown capped Vireo I did see on my new spot...sweet...

Three wattled Bellbirds are spreading out more...I think the groups are getting every year bigger and bigger.
Quetzales all over.
The peg billed Finches are looking for nest material at Respingo (trail head Quetzal trail)...that is great...still a lot of Bamboo seeds there, so plenty of food for them.
Last week the first scarlet Tanagers on our farm and the common Potoo on our farm is a happy bird...
I am totally ready for some mud and rain... March is pretty dry..
The clouds are coming in...the weather is weird...the rain will come soon.
In the meantime I did have this morning  great birdwatching hours with a nice birding family, was a cloudy morning...our eyes were fighting with the very bright cloudy sky, but we did have a good time...good birds.
I will add a list from this trip down below.

Last week I was with two beginner birders from Sweden, they and I had a great time.
In the cloud forest they did had a laugh. In Sweden there is a tradition .
With Christmas there is a Disney movie on the television and they were thinking of that movie when they were in the cloud forest while watching a lot of different Hummingbirds.
I did watch it  and I totally agree ... it is also funny, when I think of all those bird picture taking people.
This is the bird list of today...I did not make pictures or so...like the other trips and outings before...too busy with watching all the birds...
A great Hawk migration today with a lot of mixed groups.Very color full.

31th of March 2015
Turkey Vulture
black Vulture
common black Hawk
broad winged Hawk
Swainson's Hawk
Swallow tailed Kite
barred Hawk
northern Harrier!!
band tailed Pigeon
white tipped Dove
white collared Swift
Vaux's Swift
violet Sabrewing
green violet Ear
rufous tailed Hummingbird
white tailed Emerald
magenta throated Woodstar
scintillant Hummingbird
Resplendent Quetzal female in flight
blue throated Toucanet
hairy Woodpecker
scaly throated foliage Gleaner
streak headed Woodcreeper
yellow bellied Elaenia
lesser Elaenia
Mountain Elaenia
olive striped Flycatcher
paltry Tyrannulet
common tody Flycatcher
dark Pewee
black Phoebe
great Kiskadee
social Flycatcher
gray capped Flycatcher
tropical Kingbird
piratic Flycatcher
black and white Becard female
brown capped Vireo
plain Wren
black faced Solitair
Swainson's Thrush
Mountain Thrush
white throated Thrush
clay colored Thrush
tropical Mockingbird
flame throated Warbler
tropical Parula
black throated green Warbler
blackburnian Warbler
black and white Warbler
slate throated Redstart
Mourning Warbler female and male
Wilson's Warbler
three striped Warbler
Cherrie's Tanager
blue gray Tanager
silver throated Tanager
bay headed Tanager
red legged Honeycreeper
variable Seedeater
yellow faced Grassquit
slaty Flowerpiercer
white naped brush Finch
chestnut capped brush Finch
rufous collared Sparrow
Summer Tanager
scarlet Tanager
flame colored Tanager
white winged Tanager
rose breasted Grosbeak
bronzed Cowbird
Baltimore Oriole
elegant Euphonia in flight
scarlet thight Dacnis
yellow bellied Siskin
lesser Goldfinch only females

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hawk migration starts...white lined Tanager today..again 11th of March 2015

Today in comparing with yesterday...not too much migrant birds, but carefully the Hawks are starting to migrate, so keep our eyes open....
The clay colored Thrushes are starting to sing on the farm...gives me a spring feeling!
The list of this morning...

green Heron
black Vulture
Swallow tailed Kite
band tailed Pigeon
ruddy ground Dove
green Hermit
garden Emerald
stripe tailed Hummingbird
white throated Mountain Gem
resplendent Quetzal
red crowned Woodpecker
red faced Spinetail
ruddy Treerunner
streak breasted Treehunter
streak headed Woodcreeper
lesser Elaenia
Mountain Elaenia
torrent Tyrannulet
tufted Flycatcher
yellowish Flycatcher
black Phoebe
great Kiskadee
social Flycatcher
gray capped Flycatcher
golden bellied Flycatcher
piratic Flycatcher
tropical Kingbird
brown capped Vireo
Tennessee Warbler
yellow green Vireo
plain Wren
gray breasted Wood Wren
American Dipper
black faced Solitair
ruddy capped nightingale Thrush
Swainson's Thrush
 Mountain Thrush
clay colored Thrush
long tailed Silky Flycatcher
black and white Warbler
Northern Waterthrush
prong billed Barbet
slate throated Redstart
collared Redstart
black cheeked Warbler
common bush Tanager
rosy Thrush Tanager
white lined Tanager (female and male)
Cherrie's Tanager
blue gray Tanager
Palm Tanager
silver throated Tanager
spangle cheeked Tanager
red legged Honeycreeper
yellow faced Grassquit
yellow thighed Finch
rufous collared Sparrow
great tailed Grackle
Baltimore Oriole
thick billed Euphonia female
lesser Goldfinch female
golden browed Chlorophonia

Monday, March 9, 2015

knowing birdsongs and calls

knowing bird songs and calls is so handy... it is fun to learn them...the best way to learn them is to see the bird making the call or song ..then it will stay in your brains...
(in my case)
This is a nice and handy article  about this matter....

Saturday, March 7, 2015

hidden nocturnal birds on our farm...

Two nights ago I did hear the rufous nightjar on our farm...this morning I had some time to check out our forest...maybe ...
I did not found him...yet.
But I did find a very nice common Pauraque and yes I did took a picture..

and a small movie.... https://www.facebook.com/tinamoucottage  (date: 7th of March 2015)

The last week we have a lot of migrants coming through.. it give me a spring feeling , because they start to sing a bit and they get their nice Spring plumage. 
Our"own" birds start to get the "spring" feelings. High up in the mountains the Thrushes did start to sing and our clay colored Thrushes and orange billed nightingale Thrushes started to sing a little bit.
I cannot wait for the rainy season...high up in the mountains it is pretty windy and wet the last week, it is great to have the birds here on the farm, out of the Summer winds.
Fortunately we have our own springs , that give the birds a chance to get a bath and sit out of the wind to rest and I can irrigate the garden and pasture a little bit to keep the birds, flowers and my horses happy..and myself.