Friday, April 24, 2015

yesterday Fiery billed Aracari nest and a scarlet Tanager and today!!! so much birds! this morning

First... yesterday afternoon, heard from friends that they had a nest in front of their house...of fiery billed Aracari's..we checked it out and in 2 minutes...there he put his head out of the nest...great!

and while zipping coffee on our terras late afternoon..a scarlet Tanager flew by.
the last 6 days I do see quit a bit of them...maybe this was the last one....for this season...

This morning I went to our other farm, to check it and also to check out birds... I was late back home Here..I was in heaven!

I will put the  birdlist of this morning on this blog post.
For that area, I did see some new birds. I put that behind the name of the bird.
little Tinamou
gray headed Chachalaca
Turkey Vulture
broad winged Hawk (he is pretty late!)
gray necked Wood Rail
scaled Pigeon
white tipped Dove
ruddy ground Dove
Squirrel Cuckoo
Vaux's Swift
stripe throated Hermit
garden Emerald
rufous tailed Hummingbird
snowy bellied Hummingbird
violaceous Trogon
blue crowned Motmot
red crowned Woodpecker
olivaceous Woodcreeper
ruddy Woodcreeper
Cocopa Woodcreeper
streak headed Woodcreeper
barred Antshrike new in this area...pretty high up(around 1150 m), nesting
dusky Antbird female new in this area
yellow bellied Elaenia
Mountain Elaenia
lesser Elaenia
ochre bellied Flycatcher
paltry Tyrannulet
common tody Flycatcher
white throated Spadebill 
eastern Wood Pewee
yellow bellied Flycatcher:
Willow Flycatcher
bright rumped Attila
boat billed Flycatcher
slaty capped Flycatcher
streaked Flycatcher(new in this area)
!!barred Becard (new in this Area) pretty low elevation for them
lance tailed Manakin
red eyed Vireo..finally I did hear him singing too!!!
yellow green Vireo
lesser Greenlet
rufous browed Peppershrike
black chested Jay
blue and white Swallow
rufous breasted Wren
rufous and white Wren
plain Wren
House Wren
tropical Gnatcatcher
orange billed Nightingale Thrush
Swainson's Thrush
clay colored Thrush
white throated Thrush (nest picture I took yesterday on our farm)
tropical Parula
bay breasted Warbler
slate throated Redstart
northern Waterthrush
Mourning Warbler
rufous capped Warbler
three striped Warbler
buff rumped Warbler
rosy thrush Tanager
Crimson backed Tanager
blue gray Tanager
silver throated Tanager
bay headed Tanager
scarlet thighed Tanager
red legged Honeycreeper
streaked Saltator
buff throated Saltator
white naped brush Finch
orange billed Sparrow(bad picture):
chestnut capped brush Finch (first time in that area, looking for nest material)
black striped Sparrow
rufous collared Sparrow
flame colored Tanager
red crowned Ant Tanager
bronzed Cowbird (first time in that area)
great tailed Grackle (first time in that area)
Baltimore Oriole
thick billed Euphonia
Not bad for a morning!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

late afternoon birds Pacific sea level

I was ready for some "not cloud forest" birds today.
Needed to go to David for shopping and decided to head for a little time direction coast.
Hot ..31 degrees Celcius, thunder in the far, dark clouds a little bit wind(thanks for that!!)
A lot of nice(for me new) Dragonflies, I still are busy figuring out the name...
Update (24th of April... Migratory Dragonfly Partnership That is a Band-winged Dragonlet (Erythrodiplax umbrata). I have seen it before in Veracruz and Tabasco in Mexico. It actually is a species that has shown migratory behaviors--thanks for sharing this! )

Also very nice yellow headed Gecko's 2 males and 1 female...the males were impressing eachother, the wet season starts, they are the birds...full with passion and  hormones

And then of course the birds... 

great Egrets
snowy Egrets(beautiful in the  breeding feathers)
Cattle Egrets
green Heron
black crowned night Herons: (big group very active)
white Ibises
white tailed Kite
road side Hawk
crested Caracara
yellow headed Caracara
gray necked Wood rail
purple Gallinule
southern Lapwing
northern Jacana
pale vented Pigeon
white tipped Dove
ruddy ground Dove
blue headed Parrot
red lored Parrots
yellow crowned Parrot
striped Cuckoo
smooth billed Ani's
red crowned Woodpecker
common tody Flycatcher
tropical Pewee: (a lot)

boat billed Flycatcher
social Flycatcher
tropical Kingbird
fork tailed Flycatcher
gray breasted Martin
House Wren
plain Wren
tropical Mockingbird
yellow Warblers
blue gray Tanager
buff throated Saltator
blue black Grassquit
variable Seedeater
black striped Sparrow
eastern Meadowlark
great tailed Grackle

Friday, April 17, 2015

loads of migrant Flycatchers at this moment 17th of April 2015

This time is great to see different Flycatchers.
The last week I did hear and see a lot. Our farm, especially the meadow part is very popular .
This week on our farm... olive sided Flycatcher, eastern Wood Pewee, Western Wood Pewee, yellow bellied Flycatcher(seen the whole dry season in the coffee area), Acadian Flycatcher, great crested Flycatcher (yesterday and today..).
Talking about migrants..
Today I still did see the Wilson's Warbler, beautiful black burnian Warbler(male and female), Canada Warbler, black throated green Warbler, Tennessee warbler, Philadelphia Vireo(he is late!), Ovenbird in the forest area, Mourning Warber, worm eating Warbler(ja ja new on our farm! seen by me and seen by our guests 2 days later). It is getting slower with the Warblers...
The Swainson's Thrushes are every where!
A few broad winged Hawks today and some Swallow tailed Kites.
I do see regulary a red tailed Hawk the last 6 months...mostly in the same area around the 1600 m. I think he is living here.

I can add some new birds on our farm list... common Night Hawk, worm eating Warbler and Chuck Will's Widow

"Our" birds are very busy with singing , nesting , fighting..."love" is in the air...
Not between these male yellow faced Grassquits, they were not happy today...

This couple of Bat Falcons  two days ago , were busy with their nest.(1650 m)
I had to zoom in big time.One Falcon on the top, one on the nest (arrow)

And so again a week did go by fast!
Good birding on my own  and with great birders...
Down below a picture with our friends, every year when they come to Panama, I spend birding times with them, fun...!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

great birding mornings... slaty Finches and barred Parakeets..least Flycatcher! 12th of April 2015

Yesterday morning and this morning I did go in the morning to the same area but different microclimates.The weather was cloudy but I did kept it dry...even some sun. (1600-1900m)
Discovered nice Bamboo area that is very similar then the Quetzal trail area where I did see the Peg billed Finches and Slaty Finches. Loads of Bamboo and their seeds...

I did see slaty Finches and barred Parakeets!!!
The Parakeets were hiding but with my binocs I could see them very well, how exciting!
My list of these 2 mornings...
highland Tinamou
black Guan
spotted Wood Quail
Cattle Egret
black Vulture
barred Hawk..hunting..lost his prey (a yellow bird felt out his claws...)
white tipped Dove
band tailed Pigeon
Chiriqui Quail Dove
barred Parakeets in the Bamboo
white collared Swifts (bothering the Hawk)
green Hermit
violet Sabrewing
green violet Ear
snowy bellied Hummingbird
stripe tailed Hummingbird
white tailed Emerald
white throated Mountain Gem
scintillant Hummingbird
orange bellied Trogon
resplendent Quetzal
blue throated Toucanet
Acorn Woodpecker
spot crowned Woodcreeper
slaty Antwren
silvery fronted Tapaculo's (this is the time to see them very well)
Mountain Elaenia
paltry Tyrannulet
white throated Spadebill
tufted Flycatcher
eastern Wood Pewee(he called too...fortunately)
Western Wood Pewee(called too!)
dark Pewee
least Flycatcher (picture failed , I was too busy with my binoculars, to get the right I, was pumping with his tail)
yellowish Flycatcher
bright rumped Attila
boat billed Flycatcher
black and white Becard
three wattled Bellbird
brown capped Vireo
rufous browed Peppershrike
gray breasted Wood Wren
Ochraceous Wren
black faced Solitair
ruddy capped nightingale Thrush
Swainson's Thrushes
Mountain Thrush
clay colored Thrush
white throated Thrush
long tailed silky Flycatcher
tropical Parula
flame throated Warbler
black and white Warbler
slate throated Redstart
Mourning Warbler
golden crowned Warbler
three striped Warbler
Wilson's Warbler
black cheeked Warbler
common bush Tanager
silver throated Tanager
slaty Finch
yellow faced Grassquit
yellow thighed Finch
white naped brush Finch
chestnut capped brush Finch
rufous collared Sparrow
Summer Tanager
white winged Tanager
flame colored Tanager
black thighed Grosbeak
rose breasted Grosbeaks(loads)
elegant Euphonia
golden browed Clorophonia
lesser Goldfinch
yellow bellied Siskin

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Common Potoo, common night Hawk, common Pauraque and Chuck Will's widow

This time of year is really exciting, because  of the migration of the birds but also the sounds  of the birds. Everybody starts to sing and making weird calls...
I did go together with Hans (Husband) late in the afternoon(2 days ago) to an area( 900m) that is interesting for night Hawks and other night birds... Common Night Hawks all over(also here on and above the farm)  but also Chuck Will's Widow.. the last one was for me a lifer!!! They flew over very close by and the sound was there too... the new bird of Panama book ( Angehr) "usually silent in Panama" , well I think we had something special there!
For a small (dark) movie that I took... you can hear the Chuck Will's Widow...(9th of April 2015)
(I did use the picture from the site..  )

And this late evening..while waiting outside for the check in guests for the Tinamou cottage..a nice common Potoo was "singing" for me.While the white faced Capuchin Monkeys were climbing high up in the trees to go to sleep.
By the way ...I would love that they change the names of these night birds...I don't like the name "common"
So... Potoo, night Hawk, Pauraque
Hear hear!!

2 days off!!! and the birds...who is watching who...

What do I do with 2 days off!!!
Watching birds from our house (or they watch us) coffee and long sleep..uh no, that last one...not possible...the Thrushes and other birds make too much that !
Then this flame colored Tanager is fighting with himself , the whole day....he sees himself in the window..things it is another fellow who wants to take his lady...
Where is our privacy ...holy moly!
And then I do try to get a picture of a Swainson's Thrush the last couple of days ... they are all over...yesterday I did count  12 in a berry tree next to the highland Tinamou cottage...they don't sit still and eat a make themselves ready for the big trip to the North.
Everywhere you hear a soft song or the weep weep call ...
Then ...this morning a Swainson's thrush was looking through our nice was that?
Also nice yesterday on our farm a Wood Thrush did visit us...rare to see them here, possible this time of year...

Yesterday late in the afternoon, after a lazy coffee drinking get together with my friend at Cafe Ruiz in Boquete... I took a D tour home and checked out some birds higher up in the Mountains...
Lovely late afternoon, the weather was great.
Not often I do see a olive sided Flycatcher, so I took a picture(1)(zoomed in big on the picture)
I did put a circle around him..on the left of the picture. In the center a female lesser Goldfinch (2)and on the right a blurry dark Pewee(3)..Isn't that cool? 3 Different birds on 1 picture.
And who was watching me (behind me)...yes indeed the Tufted Flycatcher

Sunday, April 5, 2015