Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cloud forest birding Boquete 27th of October 2014 black bellied Hummingbird

After all that hot areas birding...time for my cool fresh mountain birdwatching..
I did go high up around 1650m Everywhere it was cloudy this morning ..except on "my spot"
                                                                view on the right
view on my left

view in front of me

And it was good birding weather , like me , the birds were looking for dry sunny weather.
Enough about the weather...I did start right away by 3 rose breasted Grosbeaks...the first this season...later in time I did see more groups of them..in total I did see 21...clearly migration...:

I felt a little bit in my native country Holland , because they fly and act kind of  the same as " the female Sijs,Carduelis spinus "Also that tree without leaves did help to give me that thought and feeling.Absolutely different bird though...I googled this picture
or female" Kneu Carduelis cannabina" in Holland..:
maybe it felt like Holland ..because of the combination..birds and "winter" tree without leaves...

I did see more migrant birds, in the open area  a lot of Flycatchers. But also a lot of Hummingbirds.
The green violet ears are really noisy again and also a lot of fighting between scintillant Hummingbirds... the "Summer" is in the air.
Not too much mixed flocks and what was totally weird...for the first time in ages ..I did not see any common bush Tanagers!!!
And then my bird of the day!!!! a female black bellied Hummingbird..never did see the bird in that area.
She was sitting in front of me so I could see her very well...also interesting little bit red brown feathers in between the dark green feathers on her head. 
I know the stripe tailed Hummingbird very well...the black bellied Hummingbird is very different in small details. Outer three tail feathers are bright white...postocular white spot, cinnamon wing patch much more clear.Next time I like to see a male.... and need to take a picture...but this was more about ID first.Then she flew...
My list of today....
black Vulture
barred Hawk in flight
short billed Pigeon
band tailed Pigeon
blue ground Dove
crimson fronted Parakeet(a lot)
sulphur winged Parakeet
violet Sabrewing
green violet Ear
                black bellied Hummingbird (female)!!!
white throated Mountain Gem
scintillant Hummingbird
prong billed Barbet
Acorn Woodpecker
spot crowned Woodcreeper
silvery fronted Tapaculo
Mountain Elaenia
paltry Tyrannulet
tufted Flycatcher
Dark Pewee
yellowish Flycatcher
yellow bellied Flycatcher
tropical Kingbird
brown capped Vireo
rufous browed Peppershrike
gray breasted Wood Wren
Ochraceous Wren
black faced Solitair
ruddy capped nightingale Thrush
Swainson's Thrush
Mountain Thrush
tropical Mockingbird(lower out of the car)
long tailed silky Flycatcher(a lot)
golden winged Warbler:
flame throated Warbler
black burnian Warbler
black and white Warbler
slate throated Redstart
Wilson's Warbler
black cheeked Warbler
blue gray Tanager
silver throated Tanager
rufous collared Sparrow
Summer Tanager
white winged Tanager
flame colored Tanager
black thighed Grosbeak
rose breasted Grosbeak
elegant Euphonia
golden browed Chlorophonia
yellow bellied Siskin
happy Terrybird...:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

chestnut backed Antbird and a pearl Kite and much more, a nice birding morning

an early start this morning , 7am I was on a level of 600 m , different area .. nice weather , sunny but not too hot, no wind..  It was forest, river , meadow, scattered trees...

My list.. cattle Egret,Turkey Vulture, black Vulture, pearl Kite, road side Hawk, crested Caracara, yellow headed Caracara, Southern Lapwing, white tipped Dove, pale vented Pigeon, brown throated Parakeet, orange chinned Parakeet, red lored Parrot:

smooth billed Ani, rufous tailed Hummingbird, Garden Emerald, red crowned Woodpecker, olivaceous Woodcreeper, chestnut backed Antbird, yellow Tyrannulet,ochre bellied Flycatcher,western Woodpewee, Eastern Woodpewee, Willow Flycatcher,great Kiskadee, social Flycatcher, tropical Kingbird, fork tailed Flycatcher, white ruffed Manakin, lance tailed Manakin, lesser Greenlet, white breasted Wood Wren, clay colored Thrush, Swainson's Thrush, tropical Mockingbird, chestnut sided Warbler(a lot), American Redstart (Male), rufous capped Warbler, buff rumped Warbler, Cherrie's Tanager, blue gray Tanager, bay headed Tanager, golden hooded Tanager,blue Dacnis, buff throated Saltator, blue black Grassquit,yellow bellied Seedeater, thick billed Seed Finch,orange billed Sparrow, black striped Sparrow, Summer Tanager (male...yesterday in David the first Male Summer Tanager.), red crowned Ant Tanager, eastern Meadowlark, great tailed Grackle, Baltimore Oriole, crested Oropendola, thick billed Euphonia, lesser Goldfinch. 

I heard a big noise when I was watching the pearl Kite..I thought at least a HUGE bird ...but it was this fellow, on the back ground  Volcan Baru:

In this area I did see chestnut backed Antbirds and white breasted Wood Wrens(the last time I did see these Wrens at finca Hartmann (rio sereno..I was pleasantly surprised to see them in this area) and many other birds...beautiful river and jungle:
It was a great morning... 

                 click here to go to birding lodge "Tinamou cottage" in Boquete , Panama

Monday, October 20, 2014

cloud forest Birding trip Monday 20 October 2014

Today better weather ...then yesterday in the mountains...cloudy , little bit sun , no wind. 2 spots...
and 5 enthusiastic Dutch new birdwatchers ...

We did see...
green Heron
black Vulture
solitary Sandpiper
band tailed Pigeon
violet Sabrewing
green violet Ear
scintillant Hummingbird
white throated Mountain Gem
rufous tailed Hummingbird
blue crowned Motmot
red crowned Woodpecker
red faced Spinetail
streak headed Woodcreeper
Mountain Elaenia
torrent Tyrannulet
paltry Tyrannulet
common tody Flycatcher
Acadian Flycatcher
black phoebe
great Kiskadee
tropical Kingbird
Tennessee Warbler
rufous browed Peppershrike
plain Wren
ochraceous Wren
House Wren
gray breasted Wood Wren
ruddy capped nightingale Thrush
black faced Solitair
clay colored Thrush
tropical Mockingbird
chestnut sided Warbler(first time this season)
black burnian Warbler
American Redstart
slate throated Redstart
Wilson's Warbler
common bush Tanager
Cherrie's Tanager
blue gray Tanager
Palm Tanager
silver throated Tanager
spangle cheeked Tanager
red legged Honeycreeper
streaked Saltator
buff throated Saltator
yellow thighed Finch
slaty Flowerpierer
white naped brush Finch
rufous collared Sparrow(the immatures can hide very well)

scarlet Tanager female(first one this season)
flame colored Tanager
great tailed Grackle
Baltimore Oriole
yellow bellied Siskin
lesser Goldfinch

Sunday, October 19, 2014

scarlet Macaws and Pearl Kite

This morning we went to the cloud forest in Boquete , did a hike, pretty wet, but did see nice birds.

Then a nice cup of coffee at finca Lerida , it started to rain. Back home.
We decided after lunch , when the rain was pooring down to go and find the sun... and some other birds .
It is so Cool that we can do that..up to the sun.. (2pm) from Boquete to direction David, you see the light....

And then after little bit more then half an hour...birds in the sun...
so tropical...

The highlight was around 5pm..next to all the birds going to their sleeping areas... 
first 2 Scarlet Macaws...then 4 Scarlet Macaws and the again 2 Scarlet Macaws...
8 Scarlet Macaws loud flying to their sleeping places...only one time I did see one in this area...but it is very unusual for a little bit outside  the town  David  to see them...very special.

My list of this afternoon...

black billed Whistling Ducks, Anhinga (in big group of 20 and 1 on a little pont ..picture)
neotropic Cormorants, great Egret, Cattle Egret, green Heron, black Vulture, Turkey Vulture,white tailed Kites(maiding!), road side Hawk,Pearl Kite (adult (down below)and Juvenile(above)..pictures)

crested Caracara, yellow headed Caracara,Bat Falcon, northern Jacana (also immatures)
pale vented Pigeons,white tipped Dove, ruddy ground Dove, scarlet Macaws, yellow crowned Parrot,orange chinned Parakeets, brown throated Parakeets, smooth billed Ani 
green Kingfisher
red crowned Woodpecker, lineated Woodpecker, lesser Elaenia, great Kiskadee, social Flycatcher,boat billed Flycatcher, tropical Kingbird, fork tailed Flycatcher,lesser Greenlet,bank Swallow,Barn Swallow, House Wren, clay colored Thrush,golden winged Warbler,yellow Warbler (male and immature female..a lot)
crimson backed Tanager, blue gray Tanager,eastern Meadowlark,great tailed Crackle,lesser Goldfinch

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tennessee Warbler and Baltimore Oriole..did arrive on farm

Yesterday 14th of October the first Baltimore Oriole ate "almost a whole banana" on our feeder... after a big trip she needed that.
And this morning the first Tennessee Warbler on the farm...and feeder(very uncommon for us , he must have a big appetite too.

On the picture a female Baltimore Oriole, red legged Honeycreeper female , thick billed Euphonia male and a clay colored Thrush

A lot of migrant Flycatchers on our farm today, a lot of insects because we had sun and yesterday a dry day... olive sided Flycatcher, eastern Woodpewee, Acadian Flycatcher (picture down below)and I think also a Western Wood Pewee...little bit eyering , not really wingbars
Down below picture...
while I was taking a picture of the Flycatcher..a white faced Capuchin Monkey came out of the tree above the Flycatcher..very funny I thought.. I was surrounded by them, did not notice that , was too busy with the birds..

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Horseback Birdwatching

Today it was two in one...horseback riding and birdwatching.
My old horse Rembrandt is great...he will stand on one place when he can eat...so for him this was a treat. He did eat a lot.
For the bigger birds, it is no problem , but when you like to see the Warblers and other smaller birds, it is a challenge and you will get a little bit nausea on the horse...but I took this picture of the nice bay headed Tanager from the horse:
.... but I stepped down  quit a bit...he did not mind that..

It is a nice area along the river Caldera:
I did see nice different birds on the way to our farm ..

gray headed Chachalaca,cattle Egret, green Heron,TurkeyVulture ,black Vulture, road side Hawk,yellow headed Caracara, Bat Falcon,ruddy ground Dove, white tipped Dove, brown throated Parakeets, blue headed Parrots,white collared Swifts, snowy bellied Hummingbird,rufous tailed Hummingbird, immature magnificent Hummingbird:
white tailed Emerald male,blue crowned Motmot,red crowned Woodpecker,Acorn Woodpecker,slaty capped Flycatcher, tody Flycatcher, great Kiskadee, social Flycatcher, tropical Kingbird, blue and white Swallow, House Wren , plain Wren, clay colored Thrush, tropical Mockingbird, golden winged Warbler(yesterday the first one on our farm for this season) , Tennessee Warbler(yesterday 1th one on our farm this season)Wilson's Warbler, Canada Warbler,crimson backed Tanager,blue gray Tanager, bay headed Tanager,streaked Saltator, variable Seedeater, yellow bellied Seedeater, Summer Tanager(female),flame colored Tanager, great tailed Grackle, lesser Goldfinches.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mississippi Kite and others on Ancon Hill Panama city...

A quick trip to Panama city but still we had the chance to do a walk up the Ancon hill and see the migration of the Hawks and other birds.I did not have too much time on the top(mweee 1 hour) , unfortunately but enough to see nice birds and for me a lifer... Mississippi Kites 
I am for 99,9% sure I did see a couple of Chimney Swifts.
Of course broad winged Hawks, Black Vulture, Turkey Vulture, a lot of sulfur bellied Flycatchers, my first Swainson's Thrush this year, northern Waterthrush , Summer Tanager female..still not see a male), Wilson's Warbler,black and white Warbler, tropical Kingbird, clay colored Thrush, Keel billed Toucan, plain Wren(what a different sound then here in Boquete)lesser Greenlet, tropical Kingbird,boat billed Flycatcher,northern Scrub Flycatcher (not really a clear picture)
barred Antshrike,lineated Woodpecker,garden Emerald,Squirrel Cuckoo,
little bit frustration on the top of the hill...
looked like Storks(Wood Stork)  (right is a black Vulture) ...but I did see a white throat and the rest was dark...immature? I almost thought it was a Crane... I ask the guys of Audubon (they were watching the migracion , not counting at that time) and they thought also Storks, but I think they did not see the birds.
I did place the picture (better to see there) on Aves the Panama Facebook page, maybe somebody can help out more. No white on the rest of the body and long tail... and yes I have an answer(great!!)  they are two Anhinga's
On the way back ..orange chinned Parakeets,ruddy ground Dove, bronzed Cowbird, pale vented Dove, crimson backed Tanager, variable Seedeater,blue gray Tanager,Palm Tanager,yellow headed Caracara
What a great morning  and so nice to see them watching the migracion too...

It was nice by the way to watch birds without my backpack(my husband was the carrier), skirt on...sandals...some insect repellent lovely...still hot...but o.k.
Ancon hill is nice...
Also for not really birdwatchers..like Hans  my husband..but he thought these Hawk migration was really cool!!
This was my moment that I had tears in my eyes.. soooo much birds in the sky...I will never get bored with this..not in Boquete not in Panama city.. nowhere...
it is a blessing for a bird lover to experience that....


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Macgillivray's Warbler a new bird on the farm! and a lifer for me... 12th of Oct update...

a very good day today..Just in an hour I did see a lot of birds.. the first golden winged Warbler of this season and a new bird on our farm  and a lifer for me! a  Macgillivray's Warbler .
First I thought a Mourning Warbler , but then I did see the white arcs above and below his eye and the behaviour was different , not low on the ground , but mid level and higher in the trees and much more nervous...hard to take a picture...but I did ...good enough to see the details

update: I did see another Macgillivray's Warbler on our farm Sunday 12th of October 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

birds in the first week of October 2014 and new birds on the farm

I did go bird watching  every day, well I do it all the time , my ears and eyes are always open...specially in this time of year with all the migrants passing through.
4th of October I did see the first 2 yellow throated Vireos on our farm.
It was also Flycatcher week, a lot of Flycatchers are coming through now..eastern Wood Pewees plenty..I hear and see them everywhere. Our farm is very interesting for them , specially the meadow area nearby the horse stable. This picture (a big zoom) I took from my bed in the early morning (yes I was late ..that was my lazy Sunday(5th of October)...

this one was nearby the horse stable...also Eastern Wood Pewee
I think I did see two times in the village Boquete, not on our farm the western wood Pewee, he was darker and one was definitely darker gray on the breast.
Then ..no migrant...but the common tody Flycatcher is living more nearby our house. We did see him for the first time a few months ago as a new bird on our farm , more down hill...but now he is really settled here.
Also the paltry Tyrannulet is nearby our house in the garden area and deeper in the forest...but I did found out that he sleeps very nearby my bed room window and when he awakes at 6am , he makes a very sweet soft pieppieppiep sound. It took me a while to find out which bird it was, but last week I did see the paltry Tyrannulet making this sound, when I was sitting outside down below my bedroom window outside. Crazy woman...

Then I am fighting with an ID of a bird in our denser forest...I had a very good view on this small bird...he is very energetic, hard to make a picture...I have a blurry one.
The call and the ID > black capped pygmy Tyrant...did see this tyrant before on the farm with the short tale...but now it had a long tale!! a very thin one....cannot find that anywhere! Frustration.
But the frustration is gone...I can add a new bird on the farm...it is the rufous browed Tyrannulet!
Every day I do see the yellow bellied Flycatcher in our coffee farm area.
Today in the city David a Willow Flycatcher on a fence pole nearby bushes.
Then every morning next to our house along the creek the northern Waterthrush..is it the same one or every time a different one...always so much questions..
Since the 3th of October  the Three wattled Bellbirds are not around anymore. 
Then a new bird on the farm, never saw him on the farm before!
The Panama Flycatcher, this picture I took from our terras...
And finally I really add the ochre bellied Flycatcher to our farm bird list. I had a very good view on her..
Then the 3th and 4th of October in the cloud forest (1650 m) the green violet Ear Hummingbird start already with his chup chit call.
The Cattle Egrets did return on their roosting spot nearby the Wilson's bridge, not the whole group yet...but that means that the dryer time will come soon....a few weeks to go...
And this morning high up in a tree in the pasture a singing male magenta throated Woodstar.. very cute.
For sure it was not a boring week, up to the next week.