Saturday, October 29, 2011

a birdlist of today and a new bird on the farm!!!! Scale crested Pygmy-Tyrant

Today I was standing next to our stream with my binoculars and I was standing there for almost an hour.
I wear a green T shirt and green trousers, I did look simular like a tree, I guess.
I saw a new farm bird...the scale crested Pygmy Tyrant, Had a very good look on him, very excited! Saw him a couple of weeks ago, but I was not sure. Saw him before at Buena vista(Panama, Chiriqui) , but never on our farm. He had one feather up!Of course I did not have my camera, but I did found a funny picture of him.

( can buy this shirt at )
Birds all over, enough to make a bird list.
It's always a good spot, because of the water, dead wood, messy, next to the garden and different trees and flowers and it has a slope, so I can look in the forest.
Here is the list...
gray necked Woodrail.
white tipped Dove
squirrel Cuckoo
rufous tailed Hummingbird
white stripe Hermit
blue crowned Motmot
smokeyt brown Woodpecker
black banded Woodcreeper
Scale crested Pygmy Tyrant (picture)
rufous breasted Wren
orange billed nightingale Thrush
Tennessee Warblers
Philadelpia Vireo's
black and white Warbler
chestnut sided Warbler
black burnian Warbler
black throated green Warbler
Wilson's Warbler
American Redstart
yellow throated Vireo
summer Tanager
rufous capped Warbler
slate throated Redstart
silver throated Tanager
flame colored Tanager
red crowned Ant Tanager
blue gray Tanager
rosy thrush Tanager
buff throated Saltator
yellow throated brush Finch
Not bad for an hour......

Thursday, October 27, 2011

a couple of Summer Tanagers in love

I think these Summer Tanagers are really in "spring mode"
They were really in love and were flirting with eachother for a long time .

Now they are here....

As I told you in my former post, the weather is changing, sunny morning again, 2 dry days in a row.
The migration birds...they know that, big flocks are flying in the forest and this morning early I saw from my bed a couple of male Summer Tanagers. Heard them singing . They are busy to make a new territory.
So when the readers from the States want to have a little bit spring feeling....or come to Panama ha ha or just listen to my little movie. At the end you heard them singing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beautiful pictures of the Dutch excursion of 2th of October

I did receive some beautiful pictures of 2 October (look also at my post of 2th of October 2011)
The pictures were taken by Johan Stuart. He is an active member of the bird group Zuid Kennemerland.

On the pictures you see the excursion group and the people who were counting the migration birds.
I really enjoyed that day sooo much, I did not have a clu that these pictures were taken.  I was Totally "in the birds"

almost summer....

Today we had wind coming out of the North, a little drizzle and sun. The summer is coming!
Here a picture of our farm around 5pm

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quick visit Panama city 21 and 22th of October 2012

To escape of the weather in Boquete, we went to Panama city, to shop and I had the time to walk on the Ancon hill, beautiful weather, not too much birds.
Ancon Hill, something and Turkey
Vultures and a big smell!!
Squirrel Cuckoo
a red tailed Squirrel

                                                Geoffroy's Tamarin Monkey

I did not have too much time , the birds came out late(around 8.30am), for Panama city it was "cold", maybe that was the reason.
I saw...
black Vulture
Turkey Vulture
ruddy ground Dove
orange chinned Parakeets
Squirrel Cuckoo
rufous tailed Hummingbird
Keel billed Toucans
red crowned Woodpecker
barred Antshrike
social Flycatcher
sulphur bellied Flycatcher
tody Flycatcher
eastern Wood Pewee
lance tailed Manakin
house Wren
clay colored Thrush
black burnian Warbler
yellow Warbler
blue Dacnis
blue gray Tanager
Palm Tanager
crimson backed Tanager
variable Seedeater
great tailed Grackle
tropical Mockingbird
gray breasted Martin

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

mist and rain, it's October

Very typical weather in Boquete, we are almost a week in the mist and rain. In a week... it will be better. We will see the sun again in the morning .
Birds, a lot on the feeder, heard a flock of migrants in our forest, but well I could not see them...mist mist mist.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cat bird on farm

Saw yesterday morning a Catbird on the farm, never saw him on our farm. No picture, I was too late.
The Mew call was really great to hear!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bird list Holland and a little movie

Here are the birds I saw this time in Holland...
24 Sept. to 3th of October 2011 Haarlem and surroundings
blauwe Reiger
grauwe Gans
wilde Eend
Grote mantelmeeuw
Grote Stern
noordse Stern (nieuw)
dwerg Stern (nieuw)
Turkse Tortel
groene Specht
grote bonte Specht
witte Kwikstaart
grote gele Kwikstaart
Vlaamse Gaai
Zwarte Kraai

I add a little movie of the Dunes ( National park de Kennemer duinen), what a great place!!!

2 weird Holland pictures from a Kauw

Kauw (Corvus monedula) with white belly, suppose to be all black....

just Googled(translate it from Dutch to English) ... I found this .... Kauw with white feathers are more common, and usually the cause is hereditary. We call this formation is leucisme or fur. Such color variation (mutation) occurs in many animal species and cause any malfunction in the deposition of pigment in the feathers or hair (think of the cows). This results in random places so colorless (= white) feathers / hair. Because leucisme inherited in one population can occur more than in the other. Leiden is (was) reasonably common in the tooth, which is why these colorful animals in Leiden Leiden chew it were called. But leucisme comes to chewing in other cities. It is certainly not a cross between chewing and magpies. This cross is not possible because both species belong to different and even to different genera. The only similarity is that they both belong to the family of crows include (Corvidae). Hein van Grouw Birds & Mammals Collection Manager National Museum of Natural History Naturalis.
 In Dutch...even gegoogeld... dit vond ik.... kauwen met witte veren komen meer voor, en meestal is de oorzaak erfelijk. Men noemt dit wel leucisme of bontvorming. Een dergelijke kleurafwijking (mutatie) komt bij veel diersoorten voor en deze veroorzaakt een willekeurige storing in de afzetting van pigment in de bevedering of beharing (denk aan de bonte koeien). Hierdoor ontstaan dus op willekeurige plaatsen kleurloze (= witte) veren/haren. Omdat leucisme erfelijk is kan het in de ene populatie meer voorkomen dan in de andere. In Leiden komt (kwam) het redelijk vaak voor bij de kauwen, vandaar dat dergelijke bonte dieren in Leiden wel Leidse kauwen werden genoemd. Maar leucisme bij kauwen komt ook in andere steden voor. Het zijn dus zeker geen kruisingen tussen kauwen en eksters. Deze kruising is ook niet mogelijk omdat beide tot verschillende soorten behoren en zelf tot verschillende genera. De enige overeenkomst is dat zij beide tot de familie van de kraaien behoren (Corvidae). Hein van Grouw Collectiebeheerder Vogels & Zoogdieren Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum Naturalis.  

Monday, October 10, 2011

2th of October EuroBirdwatch 2011

Date Excursie 2-10-2011 Bird migration excursion: EuroBirdwatch 2011. On Sunday 2 October is the EuroBirdwatch 2011. Start 8.00 uur on parkinglot at Parnassia.

When I read that  I thought, yes I like to see how the birdgroup ( is counting the migration birds in the Dunes. And I love to go and hear  and learn more about these migration birds.

The people who are doing that over there, are members of the birdgroup Zuid Kennemerland.
Also they arrange all kind of excursions. This time Johan Stuart was the excursionleader. Realy nice and interesting.

Sjaak and I went very early (7am) on bicycle (1 hour to the spot Parnassia), in the beginning it was cold (9C)and humid, misty. It was beautiful!!! The temperature went up quickly.
Heard also Deer making their maiding sounds, so beautiful.
First I will add pictures of the Dunes , the pictures are taken by Sjaak , my birding pal and brother in law.

Down below a few of my pictures...
This is the point where they count the birds.(Parnassia)
Here you can see what they counted that day.
The excursion, picture above...walking to het Vogelmeer.
(bird lake)

Some pictures  from Sjaak of het vogelmeer (the birdlake)
After the bird excursion we went back there.

Grauwe ganzen (Anser anser)
witte kwikstaart( Motacilla alba)
Dodaars (Podilumbus podiceps) eating a fish

We had a great time!!  
Some websites ...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

On the bicycle in Holland..with nice weather, you see a lot of birds....

When I did visit my Dad, I always went on the bicycle. Stayed at my sister and she lives very nearby great nature areas.
Here some pictures that I took on several days....
                                           Fuut with young (Podiceps cristatus)and Meerkoeten
                                              (Fulica atra) Westerplas Velserbroek

                                           a blue Heron  (Ardea cinerea) in Haarlem

Wilde Eend (Anas platyrhynchos) in Velserbroek
When I see this Duck, I always think of some Dutch birders birding in Panama and telling me...well the Dutch birds ...not too much colors. I am always going in discussion and mentioning names of a lot Dutch birds with a lot of color, this bird is one of them!!!

Grauwe ganzen (Anser anser) in Velserbroek

3 Kuif eenden (Aythya fuligula) and a Meerkoet
(Fulica atra) in Velserbroek

Buizerd (Buteo buteo) on a fence pole,1th of October late afternoon...summer?

Slobeend (Anas clypeata) landje van Gruyters Spaarndam

Fazant (Phasianus colchicus) Haarlemmerliede
(click on the picture)

                                                   Wintertalingen (Annas crecca)
On the right of the branch a Krooneend (Netta rufina)
landje van Gruyters Spaarndam

Islands with Kieviten (Vanellus vanellus),Aalscholvers and also surrounded by
Smienten (Anas Penelope), hard to see.
Landje van Gruyters Spaarndam

                                          At my Dad's very smart kauwtjes ( Corvus monedula)              

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Summer in Holland....watching birds on the Zuidpier in IJmuiden 28th of September 2011

From 23th to 3 of October I went to Holland. The reason mainly to spend time with my Dad.
Of course I had some time also to go birding. And in Holland also like in Panama this time of the year, you can enjoy bird migration.
It was a bad summer in Holland, so I prepared myself  very good and brought warm clothing...also a few summer clothing and that is what I did wear!! From day one I had great weather until Monday 3th of October. What a lucky girl I was/am!!!
My brother in law, Sjaak van der Sel was so kind to go with me on some trips, he took great pictures and I will show some of them here in my blog.
Birding in Holland is tough and I had some challenges, uhhh and frustrations...Gulls!!!
First year Gulls, second year Gulls...oh my gosh!!!! Still busy with ID!!
On 28th of September we went to the "Zuidpier" in IJmuiden. In the afternoon around 4pm until 8pm.
It was "Panama" warm and we were surrounded by people in swimming clothes. We were walking in our "birding clothes"

Zilver meeuw (Larus argentatus)
Kokmeeuw (Larus ridibundus)
Zilvermeeuwen (Larus argentatus)
Stormmeeuw (Larus Canus)
Kleine Mantelmeeuw???
kleine Mantelmeeuw?
Kleine Mantelmeeuw????
                                                          kleine Mantel meeuw?

                                                                  grote Mantelmeeuw??

                                                        Grote Mantelmeeuw (Larus Marinus)                       
                                          There were other birds then Gulls....
                                                Two pictures of  Drieteen strandlopers
                                                                 (Calidris alba)
                                                         my favorite picture above

                                             Two pictures of Steenlopers
                                                                   (Arenaria interpres)                           

                                                         Two pictures of a Scholekster
                                                           (Haematopus ostralegus)

                                     Down below not a clear picture of a Kuifaalscholver
                                     (Phalacrocorax aristotelis)I had a good look at him .
                                      Fortunately other persons saw him also over there.
                                      It was special to see him there.

                                         These Geese (probably migration) were silent,
                                                         so I cannot ID them .

 I did make some pictures, down below
 two pics from the Oeverpieper
 ( I took it with my small camera, I was happy,
it was a new bird for me!)

                                             Great afternoon/evening!!!