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Dutch birds! 7th of May to 21th of May 2017

Hello all!
Yes we did go to Holland, May is such a great time to be there. Of course to visit some friends and family and we decided to book a small house for 4 nights during the second week in the north of Holland , the province Groningen and we did stay around Lauwersmeer on the edge of the national park

The first week we did stay in a house on the North Sea, nearby the "Waterleiding duinen" in the town Noordwijk. In the nature ...of course:
                                           2 x Fox:

A lot of birds...singing and nesting, I did go out  every day .. early. So nice also that it is until 10.30 pm in that time... day light. That is the part that I miss of not living in the Netherlands.

Did visit the Spoonbills along the highway in Haarlem city: Last year in April, they were so small, but now a totally different experience:

On our way on the 10th of May to visit friends more in the south of Holland, we did give a visit to the Posbank in Rheden... a very nice protected area at the Veluwe zoom. Nice birds we did spot and what a beautiful area. We were happy that we did not go in the weekend , because it can be pretty crowdy there. A lot of hikers and bikers. I think it will be more magic on a very early morning. Well.. who knows, we will stay there in the area next time. There are some pretty cool birds to find there!

And so the highlight..bird wise... was our stay in Groningen province. Paradise for this girl!!!
My highlight was to hear and see since 32 years... the Eurasian Golden Oriole.(Wielewaal) Did see them and heard them in the area in front of our nice house. Did see display and did see a female on a nest.(see E-bird) The nest is pretty hidden up in the trees. Zoomed in , but I have a picture...:
Unfortunately no pics from the birds. I did not want to miss anything !
And then yes from a boat... the white tailed Sea Eagle (Zeearend) a pair! 
A lifer!  First the were soaring together and then one was landing in a tree and one in the lake ( NP Lauwersmeer) Zoomed in :
It does go well with the Sea Eagle in Holland... :)
I did found a success story about them...

We also did visit the "punt van Reide" in Groningen. That was 45 minutes drive from where we stayed. SOOO much different mixed groups of (shore)birds!!!
We did stay there for a super long time! 

It is not a beautiful, romantic place because there is a lot of industry over there, but the birds they don't mind. Although I did/do have fear for the wind turbines over there, maybe the birds will get handy with them... they have to, more will come... this one will not have problems with them....

Also there is a nice observation hut where we did spend some time. (Vogelkijkhut buitenplaats Reidehoeve)
Smart Barn swallows were nesting there, nice out of the wind and dry:

Also down below the roof of the visitor center was it very active with Barn swallows making love and nests:

Another highlight of our trip was also 45 minutes away from our area where we did stay ... de Onlanden.
Me in heaven:

I did have advise from 3 different Dutch birdwatchers to go there... they were so right...what a great area in the province of Drenthe. So close to the city of Groningen and so much different birds. Finally Hans did hear (not see) the Bittern, I did talk about the Bittern a lot, but he never did hear this bird. So beautiful! Was not a lifer, but it was at least 16 years ago that I did see and hear this bird.
I did love also to hear and see this little bird sounds like a Grasshopper. Yes his name is Grasshopper Warbler (Sprinkhaanzanger)Here he just give the call.
I took a video,  will download (in the next couple of days) , many video's from other birds too on my You tube channel
Did see also here a mysterious Duck, did ask several birders which Duck that was...most me a hybride Chilene Duck with a Mallard: (Chileense Eend met wilde Eend)

And so I did see (we did see, sweet Hubby Hans) a lot of birds...but to write them all down is a lot of work. My sweet Dutch friend did give me a booklet
and I did use that a lot to write down my lists.
This is my bird list of Holland. I did download a few on my E-bird. But I was on vacation and did not have time to sit every evening  a long time behind my computer. Because all the bird names I have to translate in English.. In Holland of course..I don't have the English names in my head of the Dutch birds...
So easy can click to enlarge on the pictures:

 And so in the meantime we are already 2 weeks back in another birding paradise...I did have already quite a bit of bird adventures... well that will come in a next post!
Greetings from  Terry

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